Solar and Battery Storage
Go green, protect the planet and save money along the way. Control your energy supply and save money on your electricity bills by taking advantage of new solar cell technology and battery storage systems.

How it works

Solar photovoltaics or solar PV systems for short, uses photovoltaic cells to absorb the suns energy. The cells will absorb energy from direct or indirect sunlight to product power for your installation. Although solar PV works best in direct sunlight, they will still harvest energy when overcast and cloudy. Rainwater can actually help to keep your panels operating efficiently by washing away dirt and dust. 

When your solar panels generate energy instead of sending this energy back to the grid, it can be stored in a battery and use as and when you need it. The beauty with all of this is maximising self-consumption which will allow you to minimise exporting back to the grid (store when on cheap rates and use in peak times).

How it works cont’d

You can monitor what the panels and battery are producing, storing, using and sending back to the grid via a user-friendly app. 

We can fit solar PV and batteries in the same install, or we can monitor your installation usage and come back later to fit a battery storage system. 

This visual information will help you to further understand your installation and how energy efficient you are, which in today’s climate is essential. 

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With a few details we can create a full design of where best to fit the solar PV panels, how much they will generate, how many batteries you need and how much you will save a year on your energy bills. We can also tell you about the return on investment. 

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