Garden Lighting

Garden lighting can be used to bring a garden to life, especially at night to set the perfect scene. Even with soft lighting, the fact that your garden is illuminated acts as a deterrent to criminals.  Of course, if security is your main focus motion detectors and flood lights can be used to light an entire area.

With some thought your garden lighting can do more than just light up an area of your garden.  Some outdoor lighting can be harsh and out of place.  Your lighting should add an atmosphere and layers to your garden that changes with the seasons.

Most people ask one thing, what type of lights should I use? The answer is just keep it simple but effective.

You can use colors to enhance your garden design and below are some examples.  However, do be careful as using color needs to be thought of as too much or the wrong color can have an adverse effect.


Exaggerate the color of grass and shrubbery to add depth to the design.


Can be used to make a feature of a focal point in your garden like an ornament or shrubbery. Yellow can also make greenery like grass and green shrubbery dull, so be careful where you are placing this colour.


Red is best when used in the distance as it gives the impression of firelight.


Blue is normally avoided as it can give an unnatural look, but sometimes it can be mixed with other colors.

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