Over the past 20 years, CCTV has become more popular with businesses and homeowners alike.  With the boom of the internet in particular orchestrating everyday life most things are now being caught on camera.  For this reason, the sight of a CCTV camera acts as a massive deterrent to the opportunistic burglar.

With police presence on the streets at an all-time low and offences on the rise it makes the installation of CCTV cameras even more important.

It has been quoted by the metropolitan police commissioner back in 2018 that cameras should be installed by home and business owners to help solve crimes.

To summarize here are a few advantages of CCTV.

Deterrent to criminals

Not only will the sight of CCTV cameras deter burglars, but they will most likely move on to an easier target, it can also help you to catch someone causing malicious damage to your property.

Provides peace of mind

A big advantage is peace of mind!  By being able to receive live notifications direct to your phone, you will know if someone is on your property.

Reduce insurance premiums

Insurance companies may ask if you have a CCTV system installed as they know this will make your premises less of a risk and, hence reduce premiums.

Provide video evidence to police or insurance companies

If unfortunately, you do become the victim of a crime, by providing video evidence it will make a solid prosecution case or it could even get your insurance claim resolved in a quicker more timely manner..  It can also be used in a claim against you as evidence.

Monitor safety and performance

Depending on your business or premises you can use CCTV to monitor the safety and performance of staff or even livestock.  Farmers use CCTV cameras monitor sheep in lambing season.

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